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John O'Dell's Diary
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Thursday, August 29

Stayed at home.  Weather hot

Friday, August 30

Stayed at home and cut some wood.  Weather warm

Saturday, August 31

I went to the city.  Weather cool

Sunday, September 1

I went to Macedon.  It rains some today

Monday, September 2

Stayed at home and plowed.  Weather mild

Tuesday, September 3    

Stayed at home and plowed.  Weather mild

Wednesday, September 4

Stayed at home and plowed.  Weather mild

Thursday, September 5

Stayed at home and plowed some.  Weather hot

Friday, September 6

Stayed at home.  We drawed some oats.  Weather warm

Saturday, September 7 Stayed at home.  I was sick all day.  Weather cool
Sunday, September 8 

Went down to Ontario to a funeral

Monday, September 9

We sowed the wheat.  Weather warm

Tuesday, September 10

We dragged today.  I went to Uncle George’s this evening.  Weather cool

Wednesday, September 11

I came back today and we ditched the wheat.  Weather mild

Thursday, September 12

Stayed at home. We cleaned out the well.  Weather cool

Friday, September 13

Stayed at  home and drilled down in our well today.  It rained some today.

Saturday, September 14

Stayed at home. Weather cool

Sunday, September 15

I went to Uncle George’s today afoot.  Weather warm

Monday September 16

Uncle George and me went down to see a carpenter.  Weather Warm and rained some.

Tuesday, September 17

I stayed here today. Weather warm

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