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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
Bessie Cowles
Irva Wright


The remainder of the Diary is written by Minerva Strowger, Johnny’s Mother


Thursday, October 8

Johnny had a chill today.  Sent for Dr. Potter by West and Myron.

Friday, October 9

The Dr. came early this morning.  Say Johnie has lungs affected.  Sarah came here today.  Can’t see to Johnie and do any work.

Saturday, October 10

Dr. Potter came again.  Johnie had a very sick night.  I did not sleep any with him. Moved him to the front room.  Dr. Potter says he has got typhoid fever.

Sunday, October 11

Dr  . Potter came to see Johnie. He is not any better.

Monday, October 12

Potter came again this forenoon.  Johnie is no better.

Tuesday, October 13

Potter came this forenoon.  I can’t see as Johnie is any better

Wednesday, October 14

Potter came to see Johnie.  He is no better

Thursday, October 15

Potter came to see Johnie.  I told him I would like to have Dr. Whitcum (Whitcomb) come to see Johnie.  So he said “Very Well”.

Friday, October 16

Dr. Whitcum came to see Johnie with Dr. Potter. Dr. Whitcum thinks Johnie is a very sick boy.  Whitcum promised to come again.

Saturday, October 17

Dr. Potter came to see Johnie.

Sunday, October 18

Potter came this forenoon.  Jim and Ett came down.  Dr. Whitcum came today and he is coming to see Johnie after this.

Monday, October 19

Potter came but did not leave any medicine.  He has quit.  Whitcum came to see Johnie. Johnie has such wild nights.

Tuesday, October 20

Johnie grew worse last night.  We sent for Whitcum by John.  He got here by six this Tuesday                          morning.  Whitcom came again to stay all night.

Wednesday, October 21

The doctor went home this morning, but came again tonight.  I can’t see Johnie any better. Goerge came at noon and helped take care of Johnie.

Thursday, October 22

The Dr. went home this morning.  Johnie rested more quiet today.  George has been here all day taking care of Johnie.  The Dr. came again today to stay all night.

Friday, October 23

The Dr. went home this morning.  Johnie had a very bad night last night.  He is a great deal worse.  He don’t know anyone.  We think he is dying, my dear, dear boy.  George is here with us.  The Dr. came again.  He can do Johnie no good.  Charlie George and I have stood over him all day.

Saturday, October 24

My dear little Johnie died last night a little befoe eleven.  Oh, my heart will break.  John got her a few minutes.

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