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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
Bessie Cowles
Irva Wright


Sunday, March 22

I went over to Uncle George

Monday, March 23

I went to school and in the evening I went to Frankie Tompkins.  Albert Stoddard called here this evening.

Tuesday, March 24 I went to school
Wednesday, March 25

I went to school

Thursday, March 26

I went to school

Friday, March 27

I went to school.  The last day

Saturday, March 28

I help clean up some wheat

Sunday, March 29

I went over to Dannie Tompkins

Monday, March 30

I went to Walkers

Tuesday, March 31

I went up to

Wednesday, April 1

I went up to Dannie S. Tompkins

Thursday, April 2

I went over to………..  Albert Stoddard called hear this evening. Thay had a party hear this eaving.

Friday, April 3

I went up to the woods

Saturday, April 4

I went to Danie  -  Byron Burnett

Sunday, April 5

no entry

Monday, April 6

I went to school

Tuesday, April 7

I went to school

Wednesday, April 8

I went to school

Thursday, April 9 I went to school
Friday, April 10

I went to school

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