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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
Bessie Cowles
Irva Wright


Wednesday, January 21 I went over to willie moots
Thursday, January 22 Ira and me husk.
Friday, January 23 We had a dance nd taffie pull here
Saturday, January 24 I went a hunting over to wright’s woods
Sunday, January 25 I went over to fosters.  Frank called here this evening.
Monday, January 26 I road (rolled) carpet rags a little and read a lity  (? little  ).
Tuesday, January 27

I help wash a lity  (little).  Had comping  (company)  hear this evening.

Wednesday, January 28 I helped Ira chop wood.  Dannie called here this afternoon.  Frank just called here and Haty road down to mr Perry’s.
Thursday, January 29

I went a hunting over to………………….

Friday, January 30

I went a hunting.

Saturday, January 31

I went a hunting.

Sunday, February 1

I rode downhill and we had company hear.

Monday, February 2

I went to Uncle Byron Burnett.  I helped mother kill turkey’s.

Tuesday, February 3

I commenced going to school today.  Mother went to the city with John.  Pan was home sick today.

Wednesday, February 4

To school.  In the evening father and I went up to Charlie Robb’s.

Thursday, February 5

To school.  I went over to Dannie’s after supper.  Then came back and spent the evening. Ma and Pa and May were there.

Friday, February 6 I went to school and sat on………………………
Saturday, February 7 

I went to school

Sunday, February 8 I went to Wallis Levins.  Pure is the iva   (eye of ?a storm).  Where are you mi (my) sugar lump
Monday, February 9 I went to school and come home.
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