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John O'Dell's Diary
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Wednesday, March 7              The weather was beautiful.  I had the funniest dream.  Papa had turned evil and bad.  I had never liked him.  He was mean to mother and me and the horses.  A man was helping him, secretly on my side.  After many words (mean) I captured one horse.  Papa took it then the other one and told mamma I was going east.  I went west to fool Dad for I Knew he would follow.  I soon met some school children my age with hard sleds.  In the pasture where Dad had turned them out to starve, were Pet my riding horse and Jerry my (coolly?).  After having supper and one of the neighbors I did not know what to do.  The rest is in my story book.

Thursday, March 8                  Will Foster has pneumonia and a trained nurse.  Earl Ebner is dead/appendicitis.  It gives me a funny feeling, I know not why.  Papa came home.  It rained to-night.  Thawed.

Friday, March 9                      For history we had to write a composition on Gen Grant which I had perfectly.  The ?clerk (or rather …………..?) was slain recently.  The Germans with their submarines are shipping an average of 26 ships weekly!  It was a fine day.  After school I walked down to Earl’s and Watch ran away with Jerry (down to D. Tompkins) and I had to bring them back.  Papa went to Shows today. 

Saturday, March 10    An Auction occurred at 10’oclock PM at Shaw’s (Daddy’s partner Irondequoit).   WOMAN SUFFRAGE in NY voted 124 to 10.  I WASHED MY HAIR WITH “Packers” Tar Soap.  A cow died last night.  A hen was partly eaten by one of the pigs last night.  I strolled down to the lake this afternoon and took 3 snapshots.  Earl Ebner’s  funeral took place this afternoon.  The ships of the U.S.A. are all armed.  Papa took Beauty to the Auction and I nearly sobbed my eyes out!

Sunday, March 11       I saw -  This morning in the top of the old sweet apple tree, back of the house, by the barn -  Robin Red Breast.  The first signs of spring.  It rained this morning a drizzly, sleety rain.  Fred Thompson was out to-day.  The colt was sold to a man in East Brighton.  Jerry ran away up here.

Monday, March 12     Our physical training teacher came today – Miss -  I forgot.  She is lovely.  It was a case of “love at first sight”.   Hee, hee.  She is a brunette, rather short. It was a fine day.  Early had a poultry demonstration at the Dusenberry’s  (farm bureau).  Mama is better.  All Edith Dunn and I did in school was to laugh.  We truly couldn’t help it.  Margaret Brucker who used to wear bobbed hair did it up for the first time in braids (9 years old)  She looked funny.

Tuesday, March 13     A shower (cards) was given to Wm. Foster in honor of his birthday to-day.  He is getting on nicely.  His nurse left today.  Our teachers name is Miss Gunther.  It was a lovely day.  We play hide and seek at school every noon. And Mildred and I usually go together.  The boys always go in difficult places, thinking the girls cannot follow out but Mildred Brucker and I do.  We went on top of the shed room and in the coal house.  Our “National” Catalog came today.

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