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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Wednesday, February 14    It snowed (very large flakes) this morning, but it was a fine day.  St. Valentines Day.  We had a box at school and I gave each scholar a valentine which I myself made.  I received many, one from each scholar (there are only 16).  So that shows they like me.  Aline Post staid at Burnett’s tonight.  Laura was left to lock the school last night and broke the key, leaving one half, half-way in. 

Thursday, February 15        We are invited out to supper to-morrow night.  We had to learn a poem in English called “Puck and the Fairy” and I knew it perfectly.  Mother is very ill.  She or I mean Earl bade the doctor (Foster) come to her.  She is supposed to be in bed but is on the couch.  I am Mistress of “Meadow Brook” the Big Green House  now.  When I was getting potatoes down cellar, I heard a faint sound upstairs and when I came up, my dazed eyes saw Miss Post. Mama asked her to-night if Miss Burnett would not board her.

Friday, February 16    Last day of school for this dreadful week.  I came home at noon to take care of mamma.  Mrs. Pruitt and Rudolph were over this afternoon.  Ida Burnett will not board Miss Post for more than a week and then only if no one else will take here next week.

Saturday, February 17         I baked my first cake today.  It was chocolate with a chocolate frosting.  Mother said it was fine.  It would have been all right but I baked it in 3 layers.  Should have been in 2.  I went down to Earl’s this morning and he has another attack of appendicitis.  I went to grange this afternoon.  Teddy W. came home.  Charlie ran over a pig.  Mother is not better.  Papa got a load of coal.  Papa got a load of feed.  It thawed.

Sunday, February 18     Aline rode down with Fred Smith.

Monday, February 19      The weather was quite cold and it did hail here in the afternoon.  I took Aline’s luggage to Walpulski’s on my sled.  Mr. Dunn fixed a broken window light at school. (Broken by the Schreider boys.)  I rode down hill this noon.  Mother is the same.

Tuesday, February 20     The war is yet undecided.  Account from Budapest said that when the Austrians went in with Germany they did not know that they were going to do what they did.  More boats sunk!  Hardly anyone has coal.

Wednesday, February 21        Nothing new.  Weather fine.  My type of a Brother or Father  Tee Hee
He must not drink Ha! Ha!
“       “      “   smoke.
“       “           be neat.
“       “      “   clean.
“       “    not let wrath, Passion, Greed nor sloth overcome him.  He must not be idle nor love idleness.  Above all things he must think a great deal and do a great deal for his mother of wife.  When I want to test anyone this is what I’ll do.  See if he or she can eat something that is not perfect without complaining.  Read a book with silk stockings on  (not on the book but me) and see if they will look at my stockings.

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