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John O'Dell's Diary
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Wednesday, February 7         For once, this beautiful winter morning, I did not have to dress with the electric light.  I get up at 6:45, in case you didn’t know it dear.  It was a beautiful morning with the soft falling of snow, but alas, Will we go to war with Germany?  It is on every tongue.  I would like to be a Red Cross Helper or an Ambulance driver it is on land.  Perhaps, during the summer I’ll apply.  It was a dreadful afternoon the sky was all hazy as if it were going to rain.  It thawed.

Thursday, February 8       The U.S.A. has called out for “volunteers”.  Boys 16 and 18 are being drilled and disciplined.  Papa went to the city last night.

Friday, February 9          OH, so cold out!  The snow falls in large flakes.  U.S. will not declare war unless Germany forces Wilson to do so.  Oh, so many may have been killed, so many ships sunk, it is terrible, awful, hateful!!  Roswell Knight is at present in camp Wilson, Texas.  Poor boy! He is from Webster.  We had to draw Lincoln’s (birthplace) cabin.  My composition was the best of all!  I am the youngest in the Sixth Grade too!

Saturday, February 10        Nothing new,  but ‘tis bitter cold.  I have my story all planned.  It is taken partly from the song by Keirn (?Kern) “Turn Back the Universe and give me Yesterday”.  The heroine is to answer by my description but that is all.  She has large, dark brown, velvet eyes, chestnut brown hair, high forehead, rose red cheeks, almost perfect nose (which I have not) bright red lips (no beautiful slender neck)  hands (no,no).  Bing, Bang Whew! Windows fell out on 3rd floor’s hall.  Gee, winds pretty strong.

Sunday, February 11      I went down to the Point with Watch (dog) this afternoon and took a few pictures.  It was of a light heart.  I went, but was a bitter cold, with my sweater on and not coat!  The snow banks are fine.  Aline came out at four.  Papa went again to Buffalo.  Last week of Farmer’s Week at Grange Hall.

Monday, February 12        “T’was a very cold day, this first school day of the week being 2 below 0. We, Aline Post and I rode to school with Mr. Charles Brucker.  Honor this day for lo Tis “The First Americans birthday Abraham Lincoln’s.  We each had to tell something about him and most of them told jokes, but I told a deed of kindness.  The anecdote about the money he saved for the sick negro porter.  I finished “cardigan”  Oh, how! Vogue!  Coming in Barrel skirt, square neck and old fashioned going out.  Skirt-flare, fancy sleeve, V neck etc.

Tuesday, February 13     America, or rather the U.S. is not on friendly terms with Germany.  For Germany intends to rule the World in her peace note.  But God does not rule it so I hope We can only sail to Great Britain with certain cargo on Sundays and return on Wednesdays.  Germany’s torpedoes are on all of the great seas.  3 below 0.

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