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John O'Dell's Diary
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Monday, January 29   They think Milly Brucker has the mumps.  Min. Binn looked as though she might have them.  It thawed all day. (Henry Thoro is up again.).  Theadore had to sit up in front with teacher the afternoon.  Teacher didn’t feel good to-night.  We went up to the Lyceum course (2nd year) to hear Dr. Ott on “The Haunted Mansion” with Earl in the bobs.  There were Earl, Hazel, Aline, Mother.

Tuesday, January 30   Milly hasn’t the mumps.  Nothing new except Don Binn went to sit down after reading this morning and landed on the floor.  Milly stood 98 in regents, Fred 76.  Aline and I walked down to Earl’s after school.  It was a fine day.  Now it is freezing.

Wednesday, January 31          Froze last night.  I stood 91 in English, 95 in writing and 88 in Nature Study.  That is terrible.  90 in drawing and 100 in Spelling..  It is now haling (hailing?). It is very cold.  The striped skirt and ornamental stocking is going out of style.  Loyd-George is the new Prime Minister of England , has a lady secretary.  The first in the land.  Papa is going to the city in the morning.  I have vacation to-morrow and next day!

Thursday, February 1    It stored (stormed?) perfectly terrible to-day.  I had vacation and washed my hair.

Friday, February 2      The way it stormed blew and the biting cold was perfectly outrageous to-day.  Mama and Papa went to Libby Drakes to the club.  I went down to Earl’s.  I comb my hair like this, one side.   (Sketch)
I used to comb it in the middle. Awful  ( Sketch)

Saturday, February 3        The other page is absolutely spoiled.  I was at Earl’s this morning.  They couldn’t get home last night so mother and father staid at Drakes.  We did not go to Grange.  Momma went to Grange from Drakes.  Papa went to Batavia.  I came home after supper.  The radiators, closets and pipes were frozen.  The weather is below 0.

Sunday, February 4        The pipe in the bathroom upstairs broke this morning and ran all over the hall, through the ceiling and down the electric light in the bathroom.  They think that maybe we will get in war with Germany.  If so, it will be over here or on the Atlantic.  “Oh, ain’t it a bad and terrible feelin?”  I will have to begin a preparedness campaign!  The “Leak” proposition and “Lawson” is being investigated.

Monday, February 5     Mr. Brucker took us to school this morning.  The weather was dreadful.  There were only 9 at school.  Edith is going to Webster to school this week.  Mr. and Mrs. Dunn went up the state grange.

Tuesday, February 6      Papa came home to-night.  Mr. Brucker took us to school this morning and Mr. Struck brought us home this afternoon.  It was a fine day and we had a fine ride.  There were 66 crows on the bank of the lake in the locust this afternoon.  We girls went over to the pond and the boys slid down hill in Locust glen.  Miss Post forgot her dinner so she went over to Burnett’s for it.  There is a fine full moon to-night.  I am coming along fine with my studies.

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