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John O'Dell's Diary
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Tuesday, December 18           We trimmed up the school house today.  E.D. and I went to the woods for evergreens  with Wahle Albright and Don Binn.  Got our legs wet.  We are going to have the church organ.

Wednesday December 19       We have the organ, now and have to play.  Mrs. Pruitt visited school.  Mr. Dunn,  he is going to Washington for Farm Bureau.  Help is so scarce and they are drafting men all the time.  They are going to make an appeal. 

Thursday, December 20          Entertainment at school tonight.  Bid crowd.  I drew on black boards.  Wore my hair in curls.  Received many presents. Was not girl in Mother Goose Christmas  -  Dress Maker.

Friday, December 21              Dancing School.  Went with Orville Woodhull.  Wore my hair in curls. Had a great time.  Every boy asked me to dance nearly.  Gordon Witmer especially.

Saturday, December 22          Took Music Lesson.

Sunday, December 23             Thaws.  Went to Doc Corrigans.  Going to have his eye removed.  Harold Foster joined aviation corps, 100 engineers.  Said Good-bye to him.

Monday, December 24           Thaws, Rains, Mush.  Had Christmas Tree.  Hazel and Earl were here.  Received a gold watch, (It’s a beauty too) dark stockings, music books etc. 

Tuesday, December 25           Ear, Hazel, Mother, father and I went to Bowman’s today.  Linn gave me a book “Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm”. (latest edition) I gave him a game.  Was a fine day.  It snows and blows.        

Wednesday, December 26      I washed my hair this afternoon.  My head is so much better now.  A fine day. Marjory got kaki cloth for Christmas and I’m so glad she did.  Blackish sky.  Wind howled all day.   Snow today.  Grace S. got me a blue bag with crocheting on top of it.  Roy-perfume.  Cleaning at Helens.  Mrs.  Sampson – book.

Thursday, December 27          Tried to learn to skate today on wooden skates but it was a failure because the skates wouldn’t screw into my shoe properly.  Nice spicy, windy  Day.  Dad went to an auction.  Bete Delong is going to move to the city.

Friday, December 28              Cold, windy, stormy and “liony” day.  I read, tatted and practiced most of the time.

Saturday, December 29          A little bit cold.  4 below zero.  Father went to the city.  Earl was blowing mother about how “she was getting cold on account of those beastly apples, for a dollar.”  Father doing it for him.  The furnace is going “and so”………..

Sunday, December 30             Just think only one more page.  I guess I haven’t done much good in the world this year but there is a reason. Look at next year’s full account.
A lovely bright day but 11 below zero.  Norma was over for some books for her mother.  I took a bath and scoured my teeth as usual.       

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