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John O'Dell's Diary
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Monday, January 22   This is a much dreaded week for the school children, because Thursday and Friday are examination days.  A very bad day.  It was the day of  Nettie Scribner’s funeral.  Miss Post is getting harsh again.  She made us bring our aids home and for geography tomorrow we have got to look up forty-seven cities in Europe and their products, tell what we can about wine and olive-oil and review.

Tuesday, January 23   Papa went to Geneseo for cattle.  Earl is better. Miss Post the same,  Hazed grippey.  Mamma is improving.  I – fair to  middling.  A few characters for my book.  Norma Tompkins and Edna Struck were visitors at school this afternoon.  I went down to Hazel’s for a call after school.  Laura Stuck Up.

Wednesday, January 24          Mildred Brucker and Frederick Struck are going to try Regents in geography this morning.  Hope they pass.  The Brits have won a sea battle (on the North Sea) with the Germans.  Papa sold the beautiful dapple-grays to the undertakers Mason & Smith.  Papa is going to the city with a load of apples to-night.  Potatoes are $2.32 a bushel now - days and apples from $1.00-$1.50.  Mamma is worse.

Thursday, January 25  We had examinations in reading, arithmetic an d geography to-day.  I stood 99 in arithmetic, 97 in reading and 98 in geography (highest in the class).  I have found a name for my book among quite a list which sounds romantic “The Song of the Hills”.  Really the weather is quite bad out now, it is storming like  “gee haw”.  I found a paper today in Mamas old ones edited “Jan.9, 1983.  All European countries are at war except Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal and Netherlands.  Eight children in older grades. (New York State Exams) C. Mottler, F. & I. Struck, L, & G. Burnett, Edith Dunn Mildred Brucker.

Friday, January 26      Irma Struck only stood 72%.  I would gladly have given her 3% from mine.  Poor girl.  O, joy, I stood 100% in spelling and 91 in English, not too bad.  Teacher is going to the auto show to-night.  Maybe mother will go to the city to-morrow.  Nothing new about the war except Germans have moved to Riga, Russia and they are yet considering Wilson’s peace proposal.  Awful weather. Down to 10- snowing.

Saturday, January 27  Mother and I went to the city this morning and she took her glasses into Bissel’s to have them fixed and he charged her $14 for new ones.  We saw “The Life of Buffalo Bill” in the movies at the Colonial.  It was a lovely morning but it snowed awful during the afternoon.  I saw the violinist  played with Susey Jones on the car and I thought he would wear his eyes out staring at me!  Earl and Linn went to the auto show (last day). Helen rode home with us.  The roads were awful.

Sunday, January 28     It was frightfully lonesome to-day.  Father drove Beauty on the cutter to-day for the first time.  I wonder who got the (        ?      ) ?  “I wonder who’s kissing her now?”  Say little Human Diary, what if I should have my wish granted and become a Campfire Girl? You would be full of endless adventures the, eh?  What is your idea of girl-hood & maidenhood?  Who is your “Beau Ideal?”

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