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John O'Dell's Diary
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Saturday, November 24          Cold more snow.  Mrs. Sampson and Roy over for a few minutes.

Sunday, November 25                        I’m going to turn over a new leaf to be not so quick tempered Etc.  I wrote 3 letters today and read a book.  Papa and Uncle John have been fooled on a car of apples.  Had to pay more than they agreed.  Apples aren’t what they ought to be.

Monday, November 26           Laura Burnett spoke to me today.

Tuesday, November 27           We went to the city today.  Tommy Getsman rode out on car with us.  Lives at West Webster.  Left Rochester at 6 got home at ten.  Ho ,Ho! The roads were fierce.  A snowy cold day.

Wednesday, November 28     Nothing of importance to tell/

Thursday, November 29         Thanksgiving Day.  A lovely one too.  The sun shines bright”  We went down to Hazel’s.  We had a lovely time.  Played cards, gossiped, etc.

Friday, November 30              Oh Joy.  The reception at Dancing School is tonight.  A lovely night except for rains.  I had the time of my life.  I wore my white embroidered net over orange.  My hair in curls.  I must say it  -  No lack of partners/  There were Linn, Elmer, Frank, Harris, Mers, Doan,  Morley,  a stranger, Donald McMillan, one of the Eckerts (that is spelled right) He danced the last dance with me.

Saturday, December 1                        I didn’t get up very early today.  It was a cloudy day this morning.   There was an afternoon session at Grange today.  We went.  I saw Richard Davison, Carol Wright, Teddy Wright, Donald McMillan, Kelly etc.  I have a cold. Walter Dunn, Joe Herbst, Hiram Billings and Liverman are home but have to go back to Camp Dix tomorrow.

Sunday,December 2               I forgot that it was Sunday and got up at 6:30.  Went to see the Doctor.  He says my liver is very bad and got some medicine.

Monday, December 3             Mamma went to the city with Earl and Hazel.  She bought some yarn for me.  $1.00 price.

Tuesday, December 4             Cold.  Papa went to the city.  Didn’t bring back a load.  We have a lovely horse hair robe.  Horse was black.  Robe was Tan.  Now it looks like real skin.  I would cost about $50.00.

Wednesday, December 5        A cold day.  Looked at father’s new top wagon tonight.  My it’s a beauty.  It is just like a colonial coach, nearly having a “box” in front for the coachman and the two back seats lower.  The back part only having a top with two huge kerosene lamps.  The back seats are covered with a very light brown covering just like silk.  When bought from a wagon shop it would cost $1,000.  But Daddy  (a born salesman) got it for $125.00.

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