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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Irva Wright

Tuesday, November 13           Lyceum course tonight.  Packard (  ?  ) lectures.  My he was fine.  He drew the most perfect sunset in 10 minutes.  (Oh Joy) I had a fine time.  Donald McMillan was there and he spoke to me.

Wednesday, November 14     School again.  Uncle John was over this evening.  A fine day.  Cold.

Thursday, November 15         Rained a little bit.  I took a bath this evening.

Friday, November 16              Good day.  I went to Dancing School.  Mamma, I, Norma and Aunt Dell.  I had a fine time.  My new high laced brown shoes came from New York today.  I wore my velvet and silk dress to the reception.  Nearly everyone there.  I dances with Walter Wright and Carl Harris,  Casper someone on Salt Road, Ralph Witmer, Carol Wright, Elmer Smith, Linn Bowman, Joyce Alexander later.

Saturday, November 17          I picked up apples this forenoon.  I knitted and made a fut collar out of an old muff for my coat, so I won’t have to get a new one.  Mamma and I went down to Hazels in the after noon for about 10 minutes.  We went to Grange tonight.  Initiation in 3 degrees.  Elmer Smith was there.  Irma and I talked  (   ?   ).

Sunday, November 18           Hattie is sick.  Metzger’s were out.  Norma was over.  It rained WAR  Can’t get sugar and when you can it is only 2# at a time.  Postage has gone up to $.03.  There won’t be much to be thankful for this year except home and life.  Venice is being flooded by water to keep the Austrians and the Germans who are attacking Italy elsewhere.

Monday, November 19           School has begun for another week.  Our only hope for winning this war is that the German people may want to know shy they are at war and revolt.  It is prophsised  by the Bible.  I’ve heard it will end now.  Italy have captured 1 or 2,000 German prisoners.  The war is at its height in Northeastern Italy.  A very sad day.  No news.

Tuesday, November 20           Snow on the ground.  Nothing new.

Wednesday, November 21     It almost rained.  Quite cold.  Masonic ball tonight at Webster.

Thursday, November 22         It hailed this noon.  It was cloudy all day.  But, I made some paper beads today gold and orange color, to go with my white net dress which I am going to wear over orange ( looks like gold) to our Thanksgiving dancing school reception to be held a week from today.

Friday, November 23              The ground was actually covered with snow about 2 1n. deep this morning.  Mamma took us half way with Rose.  She slipped.  Orville Woodhull took us and brought us back.  I danced with lots Don McMillen, Casper Bott, Carl Harris, Elmer Smith, Frederick Thompson etc.

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