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John O'Dell's Diary
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Wednesday,  October 24        It rained hard and the wind blue harder.  It was dreadful.  We had to bring the horses in at night, it rained so hard.  Miss Post is forming a Red Cross at school.  We each have to earn $.25 and we will then be a member of the Red Cross and will get a Red Cross banner.  We can do the Red Cross work in school hours, after our work is done.  We  have 2 weeks in which to earn the money.

Thursday, October 25 Cold Oh, very cold, It rained again.  I now have over 540 words our of Wards Bread.  I might win all.  Laura Burnett only had 360 last time I heard anything about her.  She doesn’t speak to any of us girls, any more just because she goes to High School.   She thinks she’s a little better than we are but she isn’t do you think so?  I don’t care though because she isn’t very nice anyhow so I’m not losing anything worth while.  I  have a revenge to get upon her aunt and grandpa but…………..

Friday, October 26      There was a dreadful killing frost last night, but the sun shone brightly this morning.  A truly super autumn day.  I rode horse back this afternoon.  Mr. Decker sly sneak, thief (so called) is going to move thank goodness.  I took a bath this evening.  Poor mother has got something dreadful on her hand which keeps swelling and paining.  I am very sorry for her and did what I could.  But you know she won’t let me do much anyway because my health is too delicate.

Saturday, October 27  Yesterday Peter Smith came to our house and Mamma and Papa together bought $1,000 worth of Liberty Bonds.  There was a railroad wreck at Webster this morning early.  A packing house caved in on the trace.  No one was hurt.  We went to the city this afternoon and to a Fruit show there this evening.  Ear won the cup again.  It rained this eve.

Sunday, October 28    Good day.  Good night.  Grace was out.  Pa went to Penna. Took Clarence (  ?  ) with him.  Ma and I went to Aunt Jen’s after supper.  Jerry’s gone to have her Halloween Party.  Fifty people are coming.  

Monday, October 29   School again.  9 had the best story in class today entitled “The Lone Boy”.  Miss Post said it was thrilling.  Peggy Brucker staid at home today.  Minnie and Donald did, too.  Someone broke in school through the coal bin window and all of our desks are marred up.  The boards were written on and Miss Post’s clock was turned up side down.  It showed.  We have 6 calves which have to round up and feed every night.  It’s fun teaching the little ones how to eat.

Tuesday, October 30   A day of important events Tee Hee Haw Haw.  What do you think?  I receive a post card from Norbert Klem.  He is in Brooklyn.  It said “Do you remember me?  I remember the fudge and the cake”.  The wind blew terribly hard.  Lizzie Albright talked back to the teacher something dreadful in school today.  To night is Hallow Eve isn’t it?  It is snowing.  I guess I’ll celebrate tomorrow night instead.

Wednesday, October 31         I have an x over every day that is important.  This is Halloween Eve.  Alfred and Percy Wright were here.  A fine moon last night.

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