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John O'Dell's Diary
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Monday, October 15   School once more and “once more and yet once more”  Laura Burnett has 360 words toward that Words Spread Contest so Mat says.  I don’t care.  I am trying another.  I might get something out of it.

Tuesday, October 16   Fair weather.  Have started a new scarf.  No I didn’t give up but it wasn’t good enough for me so I’ve started another and I’ve got five rows done. The wind whispers through the maples to me in its weirdest way.  “Winter is coming”.  The boys gave me some chestnuts at school.  They really tasted good.

Wednesday, October 17         In the Words spread Contest I have over 200 words.  Laura Burnett has 360 but she has worked on it longer than I have.  In another word contest in the “Gentlewoman” where only twelve words are needed, I made 26.  I might get something out of that, but I guess there’s no longer. 

Thursday, October 18             I took my dinner today for the first time this  year,  All the children were delighted to think that I was going to stay to school at noon.  Billy Howard has been kicking me every noon and ti-day he threw a whole lot of coal and cinders into my face. I chased him and  he fell down.  My but he cried!  It is sprinkling, now.  I cleaned out my drawers tonight.  We have 9 little piggies.  I have about 400 words now.

Friday, October 19      We had a test in History today.  It rained nearly but cleared up at night.  Fred Wright is dead and was buried today.  Norma, Grace and I went to Dancing School.  Mother and Aunt Dell went along.  Several asked me to dance at the after dance.  Carol Wright was there, but he didn’t dance.  Harold Short was there.  Clarence Foster was there.  Elmer Smith and Sean Bowman were there.  The Alexander boy tried to get Grace and I to dance with him when we were dancing.  The Havins boy is just perfect.

Saturday, October 20  No news.  A fair day, but cool.  I took my music lesson this afternoon.  I have a new piece called “The Garden of Allah By Moonlight”.  Grace was over and she is going to stay all night.

Sunday, October 21    Quite cool, indeed.  The Sampsons are going to move.  Their address is 100 Oneida Street.  Earl and Hazel were down to (  ?  ) besides Sampsons.  Hazel was here at out invitation.  We took Papa to Rochester.       He is going to Penn.

Monday, October 22   Teacher is crosser than the deuce.  Roy Burnett and James Foster will have to go to France shortly.  Pretty good day.  The scenery is lovely and autumn.  Perfectly gorgeous.  Sampsons moved today.  The Germans now have a noiseless Zeppelin to raid London dropping bombs on women and children and everyone. An American Steamboat was sunk by a German U Boat coming back from France with wounded soldiers on board.

Tuesday, October 23   It rained.  It is the first night of the Lyceum Course.  We went to it.  The Whittemore trio played, piano, violin etc. and Lucille Adams, elocutionist.

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