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John O'Dell's Diary
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Friday, October 5        Oh! I’m so glad it is Friday.  School, of course, lets out a trifle early and we have drawing and writing.  I truly love them both, though I amt an expert in either.  But I can write nice if I set my mind to,  you see.  I received my report card today, having all A’s.  Grace was over this afternoon.  We exchanged books.  We have planned our Halloween costumes.  We are to Turkish dancers dressed in bright red and dark yellow.  We hope to have lots of fun.

Saturday, October 6    Well, Well.  I went over to May’s and to Grace’s.  We have planned our Halloween.  Norma has apparently given hers up, so we are going to have one at Jerry’s.  I went to Grange tonight.  There were auto races at Webster to-day, but one of the men was injured so they will be given up until two weeks from today.  I’d like to go.

Sunday, October 7      Norma and I went to church this morning.  Grace, Marjory and I were down to the lake this afternoon.  There were some motorcycle people there from Rochester who got into the hotel and had a clam bake.  Grace and Jerry were over this evening, drew a few black cats for Halloween eve.  The first one was awful.  My goodness you ought to have heard those girls laugh.

Monday, October 8     Rained some.  I rode up to Webster with Earl and Hazel after school.

Tuesday, October 9     Cold, awful cold.  Jack Bradley is back to work for a spell for us.

Wednesday, October 10         Oh! Cold

Thursday, October 11 Nothing new except Earl, daddy and Uncle Johnny have gone to Penn.  Again.

Friday, October 12      Oh, Oh, Oh,  Such an enjoyable day.  Ha, Ha.  I’ll never forget this Columbus Day.  We had vacation.  It rained nearly all day.  Norma, mother, Mrs. Sampson, Grace and I went to Dancing school!  We went in the democrat wagon and it was smooth all of the way up to Webster.  We were very soaking wet, but the furnace was going so we soon dried out.  I had any number of partners.  Walter Wright was there.
He and Mr. Kim danced with me.

Saturday, October 13  Oh, I had a fine time last night.  Mamma paid $4.  That is for the whole season.  I didn’t get up until quite late this morning.

Sunday, October 14    Norma and I went to church (very religious) and there wasn’t anyone there except Swantons and Martins and they couldn’t get in., so there wasn’t any church as we countryners (?) term it.  Mother and I went down to Hazel’s for supper.  Tim was there.  It rained going home.

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