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John O'Dell's Diary
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Monday, September 3             Labor Day!  We got up early and went down by the point.  We sprang up an acquaintance with the B.S.  We walked down to Hazel’s later.  They were sitting on the bridge by Lauer’s.  They walked up behind us .We went down by the point again.  Wasn’t that awful?  After dinner we went down the road.  We came back and went riding with Hazel. They were at the corner already to go.  There is a new driver on the bus that spoke to us.  the girls sent home.  I went to a corn roast.  I was at the dance.  Aline and Charles Robb danced with me.

Tuesday, September 4             School, school, school! I can’t believe it.  I’ve had so much fun this summer.  It’s very lonesome there now.  Grace stayed all night with me last night for there were extras at her house.  She woke me up at 1 o’clock.  (night)  We have 5 new scholars.  My but it is lonesome for they are old, small.  I went home by way of the lake and Lauer and Grace went in swimming.

Wednesday, September 5       It was a lovely day.  I come home to my dinner every noon.  Franklin and Frederick Lauer had to go back to Rochester to school this morning.  I went to school and home to my dinner.  Grace and May tended candy store today.  Mr. London was here this evening.  We have plans made to go camping next summer.  Four of us as it will cost $12 each.  Nellie (  ?  ) will chaperone us.  We will camp at Sunset Cottage.

Thursday, September 6           It rained real hard last night to midnight.  A thunderstorm.  I went to school half the day only.  Mother and I went to Exposition.  We had a fine time.  Seeing the house shows also.  Papa., Earl and Hazel met us this evening.

Friday, September 7    Went to school as usual.  When I got home I picked up a half-bushel of pears.  Real cold. 

Saturday, September 8            Mother went to Fairport to Grange.  Father went there with Uncle John to take plums to Cobbs Preservation Co.  Marjory stayed with me.  We went up the creek and read part of the (  ?  )  Spent time in the dance hall.  Grace, Marjory and I were there.  They had a good crowd.  I danced with Charles Robb and Teddy Wall.  A lovely day.   

Sunday, September 9 Mary went with Hazel, Earl and I to the gated woods.  The Grangers had dinner there.  We hade a lovely time.  It was Hazel’s birthday.  (  ?  ) of the Hotel tramped down here this morning.

Monday, September 10     Marge and Jerry had to go back to school.  So did Betty.

Tuesday, September 11     I learned how to make (  ?  ) beads and have made seversl.  Papa went to Syracuse with some other Webster men this morning.  I am well and strong now.  Maybe I can get my lips reddened up a bit and my (  ?  )  (  ?  ) then I’ll be almost perfect.

Wednesday, September 12     They are threshing up at Bowman’s.  Papa came home to-night.  Minnie Baum fell from the teeter and broke her arm.  Teddy Wall took her home.  The Webster boys had a Sausage Roast down here this evening.  I hope I made friends for life with Mustang.  I hope he is in the pasture with the halter on.  A nice day but cold.

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