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John O'Dell's Diary
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Monday, August 27    I was up at 5:15 this morning.  The Boy scouts left at 8:00 on their bicycles .Justin Smith, Clinton George, George Holmes, Floyd Laird, Gilbert Hathaway and a few other smaller ones waited for the truck.  Grace and I were in the swing and of course they came up and sat down.  So, we had a little conversation.  Mother says I am “red hot” after the boys.  But I am not.  You are only young once and we’ll have a little (  ?  ) and fun.  Grace and I talk about boys constantly though.  We went swimming after they left.

Tuesday, August 28    It rained early this morning and off and on .  Grace and I went for an early duck in the lake.  I cut out my bloomers to-day.  They are blue and pleated.  It was gloomy and lonesome.  Grace and I were invited over to Norma’s to a card party this evening.  Leona (  ?  ) was there.  We roasted marshmallows and ate ice Cream.  Had a good time.

Wednesday, August 29          It rained early this morning.  Grace was over this morning.  Leona, Grace and Betty and I went swimming this afternoon.  We went up to Norma’s and played foot ball afterward.  Joe Jenkins and 5 of the other scouts said they’d be down to day but I saw “stiff necked Johnny”.  The Webster folks had a dance to-night .  They told us we could dance.  So we did.

Wednesday, August 30          It rained this morning.  Grace and I went in swimming.  Afterward we went up to Webster to get some sausages with Betty Lauer.  We are going to go tramping tomorrow and we are going to dress alike.

Thursday, August 31  We started at 11.  Had our pictures taken.  Lots of fun.  Went up the creek, south to Lauer’s and had our dinner which took one hour to cook and having to eat.  We toasted marshmallows, corn and sausage.  We had heaps of fun.  Grace received a letter from Harold Schoff.  It began “Dear Grace” and ended yours truly H.S.  What do you think he said? Dick sends his love to Erva.  I don’t believe the crazy boy has seen him.   Maybe??

Saturday, September 1            I slept a long time this morning.  I received a Post Card from Dickie George Holmes.  Said that he was coming down to see me some day.  However, he wasn’t as forgetful as the others were.  Willie Prentiss came down this afternoon.  He came to see the girls in front.  He spoke to me.  The B.S. were in the store this afternoon and at the dance this evening. I went and danced with Grace and with Ellie Helmer.

Sunday, September 2  Grace and I went down to the lake this afternoon.  The B.S. are staying on our land.  It rained this forenoon, but was nice this afternoon.  The girls went home to-night.  Paul Bryan was down to the lake.  Grace is staying with me tonight.  We are going to bed.  It is after nine.

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