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John O'Dell's Diary
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Sunday, January 14     Papa bought some pigs of Barnard yesterday.  It was a beautiful morning.  The sun shone bright on the new fallen snot.  Most of my topics are in my old diary or composition book for my books.  Ted cat came upstairs this morning and woke me up.  Nothing new to-day.  The chimney came down from the furnace.  I fed my pets to-day.  They were glad to see me once more.  Laura’s mad at me.  My hand is getting shaky.  I will go to bed.

Monday, January 15   This is the first day of another school week.  My writing so far has been dreadful and from now on I have resolved to write better.  Ruby Sage will be married Thursday Slim ( Al Frederick) says.  It was a grand day although ‘twas very cold.  The sun shone all day.  Papa went again to Buffalo.  I have just finished “The Boys Life of Abraham Lincoln.”  I just finished reading a verse in my “Ideal Fairy Tales” and I wonder if I will ever sit beside God on his heavenly throne.

Tuesday, January 16   Did you ever see anything so mixed up?  I wrote some day before yesterday on yesterday’s page and got all mixed up by writing yesterday events on day before yesterday!  It was a  (      ) day.   A new idea has “struck” me.  I would love to learn to play a violin.  I have a terrible sore throat, guess I’ll get the mumps.  My hair is about 1 ft ½”  long not quite to my waist.  It is light but growing dark fast.  It was a lovely day.  We went to the pond.

Wednesday, January 17          A fine day but it was very cold.  George Johnson was taken to the hospital for appendicitis.  Another bolt!  We had a winters frolic on the pond this noon.  Aline Post stayed to supper at Walpuskies.  Herald Foster is helping us in the ice.  Papa is going to the city with a load of apples at 2:30.

Thursday, January 18  To-day of all days I fell down on the pond and hurt my spine.  I could hardly walk home from school to-night.  The weather is terrible.  It snows and blows awfully hard.  I have thought up several passages for my book. Buffalo Bill died about a week and a half ago.  Col. William Cody.  Earl has the grippe but……

Friday, January 19      We drew today.  Mother was not going to let me go to school to-day.  I had to take a cushion to sit on as I could hardly sit down.  Jack London a novelist recently became ill in Australia, but is better. (something about his eyes) We went up to Aunt Jen Fosters this evening for the club met there.  Aline rode up with Danny Tompkins.

Saturday, January 20  I saw a very pretty Downey-wood-pecker this morning.  I borrowed “The Eagle’s Mate” last night.  It certainly is fine!  Aunt Hat favored us with a call this afternoon.  I think my book shall be called “The Shepherd’s Sword”.  It just struck me this afternoon.  I have a feeling in my bones that was it.

Sunday, January 21     Nothing new, so I will fill this space with talk about myself (shocking!) evidently.  I am 5’2” tall and weigh about 117 lbs.  I have chestnut brown hair, which is growing darker; it is about 1 ½ ft. long, not quite to my waist.  I have a high forehead with rounded temples, big dark brown eyes, good teeth, medium lips and chin, slender neck and my nose, I cannot describe, it is a little too wide to suit me. (some nose!) long eyelashes and, well I  guess that’s all about my features.  I used to bite my fingernails but not they’re much too long.

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