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John O'Dell's Diary
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Friday, August 10       I knitted most of the time.  My tam o’shanter is done and I am making a scarf.  Helen’s shower was held at Pellett’s tonight.  She received many beautiful gifts.  Mother and I didn’t get home until 1 0”clock.  

Saturday, August 11   I didn’t get up until 8 o’clock.  It was a lovely day.  Daisy Wright who has been home from the city a few weeks went down with Mr. Pellett this morning.  I dusted.   First of course, I practiced every morning and afternoon.  10 of the scouts came out to stay over Sunday.  Austin Kinch and the scoutmaster of the boy scouts that were here last year were down at the dance tonight.

Sunday, August 12     We went to church.  We saw the ball game.  We took Papa to Rochester

Monday, August 13    I went for a long ride horse back.  Grace and I went swimming,  It rained.  The boy scouts from Fairport came.

Tuesday, August 14    This morning it was very warm.  Mother and I went down to Sunset Cottage and got acquainted with Mr. Monroe, the scout master.  I went for a ride.  Father drove the bronco, but he had to lasso her and catch her.  We took out lesson.  Mother and I went over to the Tompkins after supper to see if we could do anything.

Wednesday, August 15          Mother and I went to the city.  Papa tried to sell the Mustang, but he couldn’t.  I saw Raymond Boyce today.  He looked at every pretty girl that passed by.  My green jersey sweater must be very attractive.  Nearly everyone looked at me and several soldiers at the armory pointed my way.  I guess I’ll not wear it next time.  We went to Josephine Childs funeral.

Thursday, August 16  I rode the Mustang this morning.  She is very lazy but afraid of autos standing still.  We went to the wedding this afternoon.  Helen wore Hazel’s veil and gloves. Her dress was made of marquesite.  They went to Tonawanda.  I had a lovely time.  The minister was Mr. Brown.  It rained, of course.

Friday, August 17       I went over to Tompkins to help them “straighten up” this forenoon.  I was very warm.  Mr. Mulroy , the scoutmaster was talking with me today and asked if he might come to church.  Of course I said “Yes”.  15 scouts are coming with him.

Saturday, August 18   Daisy and Marjory went to Tonawanda to get Helen and Clarence.
After doing up the morning work I rode horseback.  Grace and I went down to the lake and almost made an acquaintance  with the B.S s. I had to go to the dance tonight so there was no one to dance with  (  ?  ).  We had a picnic at Grange for the Juveniles.  It was a lovely day.

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