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John O'Dell's Diary
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Wednesday, July 18    I rode Frank down to Earl’s this morning.  I rode English style.  It poured and the thunder rolled.  The lightening flashed and killed a poor young muskrat.  Honest it did.  When it let up we went to Red Cross and as we were getting read for home it was terrible.  Walter Wright brought us home.  The pond is very high.

Thursday, July 19        I rode down to Elizabeth’s this morning.  We all went in bathing this afternoon except Mary.  It was a fine day.  The lake was rough and riley, but warm.  Papa went to(  ?  ).  It was a fine day,      Joy Hilfiker has a baby boy.  Glen has a roadster.  My flowers are all blossoming lovely.

Friday, July 20            I cleaned the pony cart this morning.  I rode down to Earl’s after dinner horseback on Frank.  I didn’t do much this afternoon.  I did lie in the hammock and read.  I rode up to Webster with Earl and Hazel after supper to see (  ?  ) Earl was late on the first draft.  He hasn’t been taken so far.  Fred Herbst was first, Russell Pinkney, Herald and Mason and Joe Herbst and I didn’t see others.  There has to be 18 from this tour.                

Saturday, July21
1.  I dusted as usual.
2.  Worked in the garden
3.  The Germans came out
4.  Afternoon  -  I rode down to Earl’s
5.  The Scout Master, Mr. Gibson  and Mr. Oliver were down.
6.  Father hurt.  Maybe broke his toe.
7.  We went to Grange, but was a social evening.
It rained in the afternoon, but was nice after.

Sunday, July 22          A lovely day.  First thing I did was to take a bath.  I sat in the hammock and read most of the time.  I went to church.  Afternoon  -  I walked down wo the lake with Marj and Grace.  Earl took us for a ride after supper as far as Red Gables.  Earl and Hazel are completely discouraged.  He says he will bring the auto down here next week.  Mamma said that I was to blame for it, so I will have to straighten out the trouble.  Pa doesn’t want the car.  He wants a Ford.  Ma bought it for them.

Monday, July 23         A fine day, but hot.  I did a share of the Morning work,  There was a finely dressed foreigner here selling fancywork, one at Webster and another selling umbrellas.  We think they are German spies.  I started down to Hazel’s on foot after dinner, but Earl overtook me so we rode to Webster in our Oldsmobile.  The tangle is finally straightened out.  Jay Smith is coming down here.  Nora, Grace and I went in swimming.  Mother, Earl, Hazel and I rode to Union Hill after supper when Earl bought a hay ladder.

Tuesday, July 24         It was a lovely day.  Please excuse pencil.  I have moved to Room 11 because it has two beds and a window in it and the Lowell twin girls come today for a week.  I am glad.  I worked all morning.  Midget and I rode up to Webster to take our music lessons with father.  We met the Lowell twins and rode home after out lessons.  We walked down to the point after supper.  Oh! It is hot.  Here we are in #11 and the girls are writing letters.  That’s good.

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