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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Friday, June 22           Mother and I went to the city and saw “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show”.  Real Indians, people from India, Japan and Turkey, Cowboys, cowgirls and Jess Williamson and real soldiers.  Elephants, donkeys, Shetland ponies, monkeys and dogs.  I learned many things from it.  We went to the “movies” afterward and saw Dorothy Dagton (sp) in “ The Fork Road”.
Saturday, June 23       Fine day.  Earl had a slight attack of appendicitis and I went down to see him this morning.  We went to the Strowger Reunion at Wright’s this afternoon.  It rained later.  I am chairman of the sports committee.  A dance at the lake to-night.  I didn’t go.  There was no one there, I heard.

Sunday, June 24          I went to church.  I am in choir.  I saw Mr. Wallace Vincent who is working for Lauer’s with his brother, a charming Rochester University fellow, but he smokes.  Lillian was infatuated.  We , Grace and I, walked down to Earl’s after dinner.  He is better.  We then rode over to Shaw’s.

Monday, June 25        Ah! Rut it was a fine day, sure (Irish).  After the morning work was finished worked in the garden.  I wore my khaki suit this afternoon intending to gofor a tramp but I didn’t.  Mr. Arthur McCann, Ronald Hawley, George Nagle, George Curtis and Dewey Wright are camping here now.  Father went to Webster after supper and drove Dolly & Babe.  Someone gave Mother some money after I went to bed.  I heard a girl and boy talking and looked out of the window and saw an auto. Ha Ha!

Tuesday, June 26        Goodness, how it poured this afternoon!  A regular cloud burst.  I cracked pecans and made double fudge this morning.  I also sent a letter to New York to McCalls.  Knitted, read, sorted beans and so on after dinner.  Before the last shower came I picked some yellow iris and put a bouquet in each room.  Roy Hawley was down here.  I read in the paper this noon “1,000 American girls sold yearly (stolen from the US) in Buenos Aires.  Ruth Auger only one of 100 who disappeared from NY in 1917.

Wednesday, June 27   It was a lovely day.  I went up to Red Cross Meeting with Norma, Marjory and Grace.  After Red Cross we had choir rehearsal.  Hazel had a sick headache and father was away buying cows so Earl, Mamma and I went to the Chautauqua which was very good, consisting of the Saxophone sextet which was fine and “The challenge of the World to America” by L.L. Wirt.

Thursday, June 28       I fetched Daddy’s desk (one he had at School) down from the attic and could not find a key to unlock it with.  I sent down on the flat and got or picked some berries (enough for supper).  We went to Chautauqua this evening and heard the Schubert party concert and Dr. Poole lecture on “China or a glimpse of the Orient”.   He says that when we get Democracy we will fight Japan for she wants to rule the Pacific and China.  Mr’s Lauer and Wallace and many others I knew were there.  Laura etc.

Friday, June 29           We went to the city with Earl then to Ringling Bros. Circus.  We had to stand in the car going to the circus from Main St.  We had to visit in the CROWD 3 hrs.  Of course we found out everyone’s business.  The fellows who stood beside us especially.  One’s name was Carl.  He was 27 years and had gray hairs.  We went to the Palisades for supper and then to Chautauqua at Webster.  We were an hour lade so we didn’t hear the (   ?   ).  Papa is home.

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