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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Friday, June 1            It rained this morning.  I worked in the garden after school.  Charles Robb was down this evening.

Saturday, June 2         We went to Webster this afternoon on the bus and to the city.  I got 2 sheets of music golotea (?) for a skirt.  We saw many soldiers, Oh! How I long to be one!  We went to Grange.

Sunday, June 3            Nothing to tell.  Papa went away with Roy.

Monday, June 4          Fine day.  Will Foster’s car was stolen!  Papa bought me a pony at last!  He is over at Uncle John’s.  I haven’t seen him  (or her) yet.  But they say tis a perfect match to Bob.  I worked in the garden.

Tuesday, June 5          I stood 100% in arithmetic test.  It was the only one in the class who stood that high.  It rained.  We went fishing.  I cut out my dress.  Today is registration day from 21-31.

Wednesday, June 6     It rained to-day.  Henry Harmen brought “Betty” over to-day.  She is the prettiest pony in Webster but she is a strawberry colt and white spots with silver in her mane and tail.  We went up to Webster after supper, Mamma to see the doctor,  me to take a music lesson.

Thursday, June 7         It rained.  Herald Shortt, Elmer Smith and Selian Wright were over to church after supper. Father let me lead Dolly out and ride her.  She is a beauty and has been ridden before.  Matthew rode her and papa rode her.  The only trouble is putting on her bridle.  Someone had probably bit her sometime.  She is a magnificent saddle horse.

Friday, June 8             It rained a little.  I rode to Webster with Earl in the auto and got my (  ?  ) (  ?  ).  I planted giving some to Aunt Hazel, Aunt Beth and Aunt Hat.

Saturday, June 9         I dusted.  I finished the first dress I ever made.  I went to the barn and fed Dolly, Rob and Flyer and Beauty.  I went fishing with Grace.  It was a nice day.  The Webster boys set up their tents.  I have a frightful cold.

Sunday June 10           It rained.  Jerry was down here-ran away.  I read some.  Dolly pony is getting frisky.  I couldn’t feed her sugar tonight because she reared up.  Father is thinking seriously of getting another.

Monday, June 11        Father drove pony after Rose Perry this morning.  It was a nice day.  I have a cold.  I  (  ?  ) my dresses and 1 skirt.  I drove the pony.  Earl went fishing and Matthew Kenney didn’t get a nibble.  Clayton Lobar is a general!!  He is Mr. Pellett’s nephew.

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