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John O'Dell's Diary
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Sunday, January 7       George Bradshaw was here this morning.  We met Aline at five and Papa went to Buffalo.  It was awfully cold riding home.  It is freezing again.  We have got a little rainwater anyway.  Just think to-morrow is school again!  The first time for 1917.  I am already with a new ink and pencil pad, composition book and note book with some new pencils.  Marjory and Norma skated on the pond to-day.  Helen, Clarence and Marjorie went down to the lake this afternoon.  Mamma is going to sleep with me.

Monday, January 8     School once more!  Examinations are not far off.  Papa is not going to keep Beauty for me, I guess.  He says that she is not built for a saddle horse, for she is too heavy.  He said that a saddle horse should be about 2 in. taller in front that in back.  There was a total eclipse of the moon last night.  I did not sleep well.  It was a fine afternoon, just like one in April.

Tuesday, January 9     Edith Dunn cannot yet come to school.  Marion Burnett has the mumps.  Fred Struck is sick with the grippe.  Irma had a dreadful sore throat today and we think she is going to have the mumps.  Manna can hardly speak, she has such a cold and she is very painful all over.

Wednesday, January 10          I did not think Irma would come to school today.  She did not.  It stormed perfectly dreadful to day.  I have decided to write a book.  I am now reading “The Boys Life of Abraham Lincoln”.

Thursday, January 11              Edith came to school to-day.  We received our report cards this afternoon and I got all A’s.  It snowed to-day too.  Earl and Charlie went way over to Perry’s Mill East Rochester.

Friday, January 12      Irma came to school to-day.  Miss Post did not go home to-night.  Aunt Jen Tompkins is sick and had the Doctor to-day.  Mamma cannot speak aloud.  Exams are the 25th and 26th.

Saturday, January 13              None of us got up until 9 o’clock this morning.  I crocheted and straightened up my room this morning.  I have decided to write two books, one about myself and one about Charles Pruitt.  I have the names of several characters.  Won’t it be funny to have an eleven year old school girl write a book?  Miss Post and I went for a walk as far as Sages.  My map of Europe is done.  I mean the outline.  It is a pretty good one.  Mr. Mottle is helping Papa get ready for the ice.

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