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John O'Dell's Diary
Johnny Strowger
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Irva Wright

Sunday, May 20          We, mother, father and I rode (with (  ?  ) horse) up to Webster this afternoon.

Monday, May 21        Mother and I rode up to Webster this morning.  We have vacation to day and to-morrow.  Miss Post’s grandmother died.  Grace was over this evening and asked me to go to Elizabeth Lauer’s birthday party Wednesday evening at 5 o’clock.  Earl and Hazel took us up to Webster and it rained.

Tuesday, May 22        I sewed some and read some.  Lillian was down this evening and said she had a quarrel with Teddy.  It rained.

Wednesday, May 23   Miss Gunther visited our school.  I went to Elizabeth Lauer’s birthday party and gave her a towel and wash cloth.

Thursday, May 24       It rained this morning and the wind blew hard this afternoon.  When I cam home from school this afternoon, Earl and Hazel, mother and father and I went o Webster go get Earl’s deed (of his farm) because he has to register June 5th and we think that they will not take the farmers.  We received our Larkin order and had some soap, perfume and cold cream.  Mr. Wrayfield visited our school and said that the Spelling Contest was going to be at Webster High.        

Friday, May 25           We had Geography this morning and Physiology this afternoon.  I put a two food fence around my garden before supper and it really looks nice but will look better when the gate is put in and the arch put up.  I am well.  It was a fine day.

Saturday, May 26       Today was a lovely one in the morning and all day.  I worked in the house most part of the forenoon and after dinner I painted the fence and planted sweet peas.  About 4 Papa and I walked down to Earl’s.  Earl and I went fishing before supper and I caught a Perch.  Gussie Harmen is over to Uncle John’s.

Sunday, May 27          Father went to Buffalo this morning and I took a bath.  Mathew Kenny went up to Catholic Church less after acting as a sponsor of the christening of John Francis Larkin.

Monday, May 28        It rained.  War!  War!   War!

Tuesday, May 29        It rained this morning.  Eva Morley  visited our school.  Fred Thompson was over the Lib Wright.  Pa went up to Walpuski’s.

Wednesday, May 30   Decoration Day!  What shall I decorate?  Mother didn’t feel well.  It was a lovely day.  The Hotel opened.  I went down to Hazels in the afternoon.  They went fishing after supper.  Emma and Clarence Sprague were out.  Mrs. Prentice tatted a lovely (  ?  ).  Painters cottage was burned.

Thursday, May 31       Someone stole my knife and pencil sharpener.  There are thieves around.  They have broke into the School House 4 times!  I weeded my garden to-night.
Papa came very near buying me a pony.  It was very warm.  The boys went in wading.  Donald fell in.  Teddy Rurmelt got his seat changed.  I worked in the garden.

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