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John O'Dell's Diary
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Friday, April 20          Today is Lexington day.  The first time we ever had that kind of a holiday.  It rained a little.  T’was very hot  -  60.  I walked down to Hazel’s.  I am reading “Betty Alden”.

Saturday, April 21      Grange is postponed for this evening on account of the war.  They are going to talk on how to raise vegetables.  It is Mobilization Day.  Mother and I rode out to the city with Mr. Pellett.   Papa went with a load.  She bought me some white voile and green with flowers in for dresses.  I was thinking (for I didn’t want them) that they would have bought uniforms, food or something else for the soldiers  we saw all over the city.  How I long to be one!  I saw “The Crisis” at the Piccadilly.

Sunday, April 22         Papa went to Buffalo.  All the (    ?   ) have day in and day out is of a soldier.  When Earl goes I want to.  When I am grown I guess I’ll be a soldier.  Norma Tompkins is going to be confirmed to-night by Mr. Hart. (Episcopalian).  Marjory and Grace with Nora as chauffer went down to the lake this morning while I was setting in my rose bushes.  Roy asked me if I wanted a ride and I said “no” and really you ought to have seen the (   ?   ) looks on the girls faces.  They are very proud, stuck-up.

Monday, April 23       It froze last night.  That is we had a frost.  Snowed and rained this morning, but it was a splendid afternoon.  I am an agricultural Census Volunteer and am very  proud of my button or pin.  I have seven farms on my list, the most of anyone in school.  I have to go about a mile out of my way too.

Tuesday April 24        I got up this morning and by 7:15 had all my work done.  Harold Short took Edith up to Webster!  I helped Miss Post count up the papers and didn’t get home until 6 o’clock.  I saw the prettiest pair of Flickers.  Earl and Hazel were down to-night.  I am sleepy.  T’was a fine day, but a little cool.

Wednesday, April 25  Miss Post was sick this afternoon with a headache, so I was chosen as the physical training teacher.  I went down to Earl’s.  It rained tonight and papa and Momma went to Pittsford and Rochester and didn’t get home until 9 o’clock.

Thursday, April 26      It rained to-day.  Miss Post had to read the presidents speech to us this afternoon.  We had chicken for supper and words (which caused bad feelings).

Friday, April 27          To-day is Arbor Day.  We have vacation for it is teachers convention.  I went over to Sampson’s this afternoon. My map of South America is nearly done.  Earl and Hazel were down last night. Papa is going to the city to night.  I let the hem out of my last year’s summer dresses.  John Hoffman died.

Saturday, April 28      I cleaned my room and dusted and swept this morning.  This afternoon I went over to Grace’s.  When I came back I raked my garden so it would dry up quickly. Papa gave me the biggest greatest surprise this afternoon!  Do guess what it is!  At thought of it, I can write better.  He came home with a beautiful new saddle, bridle and blanket.  He said he certainly did get a bargain for the man paid $20 dollars for it and he $10.  Now I have 2 bridles.  Earl, Hazel, Papa, Mamma and I went up to Webster.

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