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John O'Dell's Diary
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Thursday, March 22                It was a lovely day.  Papa sold a beautiful strawberry roan or chestnut horse to-day.  The children with the teacher went to the woods this afternoon.  When we were at the edge of them I went down, down______ into water.  Lester Charles and Fred had gone first, but I am the heaviest person in school.  I came home immediately.  From the library I drew a book, “The Crisis”.  We have $18 in new ones.  I read this at school till my shoe was dry for I did not want to worry her.  It seems lately I am in no fun of the others.

Friday, March 23                    I arose very early this morning.  My clock stopped so don’t know the exact time, but it was with the sun and birds.  Some day I shall write a book about my ancestors.  It rained this afternoon.

Saturday, March 24                I cleaned my room to-day, washed windows, cleaned floor, carpet or rugs, put in a pink water set, (although we have bath) and put in a make believe dressing table but, it has no mirror. Papa went to the city last night and after he came home, he went to Penfield where he sold a horse.  Mamma baked.  This afternoon I did the trading over to Pellett’s and received $.35 a lb. for 4 lb. butter and $.27 for 2 doz. eggs.  Papa received about $60.00 for his load.

Sunday, March 25                   War with Germany is almost certain..  Father went to Buffalo this morning.  Earl, Hazel, Mother and I went for an auto ride in our  ?”Olds” and stopped in to see Will Foster.  He has grown old and gray.  Harold is going to Ithaca to work for Prof. Wheller.  Mother went over to Uncle John’s to-night.  It is very warm and was over 60 out of doors.

Monday, March 26                 Ah! T’was very warm to-day.  We played prisoner base or stealing sticks at school.  I walked down to Hazel’s to-night and cut cross lots.  I will soon have a path made.  I finished my book.  First the mightiest were Egyptians, next Greeks, next Romans, and next the Germans. Now the Germans are being conquered by____whom? Their peace proposals are that first France shall give $30,000,000,000 for food.  They are starving.

Tuesday March 27                  A certain man has given 3 inventions to Uncle Sam among which is something which can be put in the middle of the ocean, and it will tell when a boat is within 8 miles of it.  The first woman to enter the Navy is Miss Loretta Walsh of Philadelphia (a stenographer).  They are training dogs for war at Long Island.  It rained this afternoon and then snowed!

Wednesday, March 28            We had a dreadful frost last night!  It froze.  But the sun came up in the east to shine till noon, when it began to snow.  Our Physical Training teacher came today.  I walked down to Hazel’s this afternoon after school.  Four children were out of school to-day leaving only 12.  Germany is retreating from France and leveling villages on its way.  Nicholas, the Czar of Russia has abdicated the throne.  We are nearer war.  Papa came home.

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