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John O'Dell's Diary
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Wednesday, March 14         Troop M and H arrived home, in Rochester, Mon. from the Mexican border where they have been having a terrible fight for Mexican “Villa”.  It snowed this morning and rained but, it was a good afternoon.  Miss Post was here to supper with us.  I took a crock of butter over to the store to-night $.37 a pound.  The Germans will have to wait 120 more days before a new crop comes.  U.S. is protecting the coast with bombs dropped into the water.

Thursday, March 15      Life has begun for me.   and only 11 years.  I do not want anyone to read or know what that was so I wrote it in “Latin” Ha Ha, It is really a dead language.  It snowed today and was rather cool!  I did something. I went down to Earl’s.  Nothing new

Friday, March 16          We have vacation today because there is a teacher’s meeting at Rochester.  Papa went to Rochester this morning.  Hazel is going to take care of the Juvenile Grange to-morrow.  We are planning on going to the theater in the city in the evening.  Mama, Papa and I and stay all night.  The weather is fine.

Saturday, March 17         We went to Grange.  Took the 5 o’clock car to Rochester.  Went to Chapman House.  Went to Temple Theater.

Sunday, March 18         Papa went to Buffalo as the Railroad Strike has been called off.  Mother and I went to the “Colonial” after Dinner and saw “Idle Wives”.  We came home on the 4 o’clock car and had Ally Jennings bring us home.  It was my first auto ride this year  -  in a ford too.

Monday, March 19            Awfully lonesome.  Weather cold.  I have a dreadful bad cold and staid home to-day.  3 boats were sunk by submarines last week in one day.  221 people of the crews were lost or something.  It is yet undecided what Russia will be.  Nothing definite is know of the late Czar Nicholas.

Tuesday, March 20                 Fine day.  Not dark until seven.  Our new horse, mate to Jim is sick.  Papa came home.  I staid home from school again to-day.  Mother sold 26 lb. of paper to peddlers to-day at $.50 a hundred.  Mother and Dad had “words” at the table to-night.  Earl was down this afternoon and sold a cow.  Father purchased a 4 year old pair of roans.  They are pretty.

Wednesday, March 21            A fine day.  Saw a black and white warbler, a yellow warbler, a king bird and 2 robins and a bluebird.   Father sold a horse or two.  I am very much put out because I could not go to the Gray-Levine part of the Lyceum Course.  It is the last Violin and piano.  I made believe I didn’t care.

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